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Portage, IN, us
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Time for a little updating on this. Been working for Waffco Heavy Duty Towing since November of 2000. I have lost my rank of Captain on the volunteer fire department I am on due to time issues with work and family. Working hard on getting that back but it's going to take a little time. Have been on South Haven Fire Department since June of 1999. I have the greatest son in the world who is 5 right now from a previous marraige, anything dad loves he loves. Needless to say he has his own fire gear. I am engaged to the greatest women ever who is pregnant with our baby girl. May 28th just won't come quick enough. She has a 5 year old son also who I love as my own son. Life is finally coming together and I couldn't ask for a better one if I tried.

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Heavy Duty Wrecker Operator

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Family, friends and camping come first along with the obvious of recoveries/towing and firefighting. Sports also now that the boys are getting old enough and playing them more. Basketball, t-ball, and soccer so far, hoping for football soon. Sounds stupid but I seriously haven't read a book all the way thru since middle school. Read one the other day and couldn't put it down about a fire that happened in Chicago called "Sleeping With The Angels." So I guess you could say reading also now.

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